LiquidLite is just another reason why KibbeChem is the brand you can trust. With the reputation for excellence in product development their new LiquaLite liquid blowing agent offers a quality alternative to their powder or pellet technology, making KibbeChem the only company with the expertise to offer a full and comprehensive line of blowing agents in the industry.

As the name suggests, LiquidLite achieves a lighter weight by reducing material density. The liquid dispersion will enhance the smoothness of your process to achieve a finer and consistent cell structure. Like our pelletized products, LiquidLite can be delivered independently of your blending process directly at the extruder. This enables the processor to adjust dosage speeds based on the density desired. However, our LiquidLite series of blowing agents offer economic advantages compared to most pelletized products. LiquidLite will make your line more consistent, resulting in less down time, saving you time and money.

Created with your process in mind, it offers a clean, higher efficiency and smoother process. CEO Glen Kibbe explains: "With LiquaLite we are able to do in a liquid form what we have done in pellet and powder for years, to provide a top quality product with the flexibility and efficiencies the foaming market demands. Our team of expert consultants are constantly not only trying to improve our blowing agent formulas and delivery systems but develop solutions to the common problems which plague the extruding process. That is why we are happy to launch one more solution, this cleaner generation liquid product."